“Implementing Crebisol into our cleaning programme has allowed us to remove 3 other products, obtaining a better clean and saving us money in the process."

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Crebisol has been implemented into many cleaning regimes throughout the UK and Ireland. Find out more below on how we might better service your cleaning requirements.

Infectious Diseases are a major cause of illness among students and staff who given the nature of educational environments come into close contact with multiple infection sources.

Appropriate control measures in such educational contexts will minimise transmission both within schools/colleges/universities/ day care centres – but also to the wider community. Such centres are ideal places for the spread of infectious diseases because of the large numbers of young persons of different ages interacting in close personal proximity, many of whom will not have developed good personal habits or immunity to various diseases.

Infectious diseases prevalent in schools and caused by bacteria include scarlet fever and meningitis and gastrointestinal illnesses. Viruses which are much smaller than bacteria can cause outbreaks of measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox and respiratory infections. Fungal infections include ringworm and athletes foot and other infection control concerns in such environments include gastroenteritis, salmonella, tuberculosis, parvovirus, herpes simplex, tetanus, norovirus (winter vomiting bug), MRSA and Clostridium Difficile.

Consequently appropriate infection control protocols are essential for a healthy learning environment. Crebisol given its multiple application and multiple environment accreditation can significantly enhance such protocols as inadequate routine cleaning has been implicated in the transmission of many infections particularly gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses.

Crebisol also does away with separate cleaning and disinfecting schedules given it’s all in one properties.




br>Protects through the application of new technology which creates an active biocidal film which remains active for up to 72 hours after application when dry

Aircraft, Train, Bus and Taxi service industry continue to expand worldwide. The international dimension of travel significantly increases the threat of disease and infection as travellers from different cultures, countries and immune resistance interact in very confined vehicles which facilitates the transmission of geo-particular diseases to non-endemic regions.

Scientific Research has clearly established that due to lower air exchange rates and decreased sunlight, enclosed spaces such as transport terminals and vehicles are more susceptible to the transmission of infectious particles.

Given the economic pressures and time constraints on transport/airline companies an all in one product such as Crebisol which in one action cleans, disinfects, sanitises and protects through the deployment of an active biocidal film which remains active for up to of 72 hours when dry, However for optimal protection and bioactivity we recemmend a 12 hour cleaning interval.

Crebisol can achieve significant cost savings and substantially enhance health/infection control protocols for passengers, staff and crew.

4 Products in 1 - Cleans, Disinfects, Sanitizes and Protects

Crebisol’s unique Biocidal Active Biofilm continues to protect surfaces for up to 72 Hours after application when DRY

Can replace multiple individual products by replacing toilet cleaner, cream cleaner, hard surface cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer with 1 Superior All–In-1 Product

Safe to use in all environments

Given the structure, use and nature of Sports, Leisure and Entertainment facilities, together with the high density of persons frequenting such venues, the potential risk of acquiring infections is extremely high, and requires a comprehensive and complex approach to infection control and cleaning. Infectious diseases are spread directly or indirectly from an infected individual.

Athletes interact closely with team-mates, opponents, and team staff. In addition they frequently share training and gym equipment, facilities-training rooms/grounds, accommodation, housing, towels, water bottles and supplies and commonly undertake both domestic and international travel. Furthermore international travel exposes athletes to indigenous diseases for which they may have little or no natural immunity. Finally there is some information to suggest that athletes tend to be risk takers which may increase their risk for acquiring infections.

Infections can be transmitted by person to person contact, by common source exposure or by vector-borne transmission. The primary focus of attention should be on primary prevention by use of hygiene measures, use of immunisation (vaccinations) and use of interventions to prevent secondary spread of infection. Secondary prevention measures include prevention of recurrence and prevention of onward spread of infection from a source patient.

Crebisol has been engineered to meet such challenges and to enhance these measures, it can be deployed as a disinfectant sanitizer and protector in one single application, without the use of Bleach , Hydrogen Peroxide, Bio Hazzards or Environmentally Unfriendly agents.

Multiple Environment application : dressing rooms, gymnasia, arenas, toilets, food concession areas, restaurants seating and communal areas and all touch points

Replaces multiple individual products by replacing toilet cleaner, cream cleaner, hard surface cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer with 1 Superior All–In-1 Product

Suitable for multiple surfaces : ceramics, stainless steel, tiles, wood, seating, soft furnishings, light fittings, bars, tabletops, glass and mirrors

Incorporates a unique biocidally active biofilm technology. which continues to protect surfaces for up to 72 hours after application when dry

1/3 of all non-socomical and hospital acquired infections are considered preventable. The C.D.C. estimates 2 million people in the U.S. are infected annually by hospital acquired infections resulting in 20,000 deaths. Given many patients have compromised immune systems appropriate infection control measures are a medical, economic and legal imperative.

Significantly such infections have an additional cost to a patients care in additional treatment and subsequent legal actions. H.I.A.s are expensive to treat and defend in court. H.I.A.s also increase morbidity, mortality and length of hospital stay as well as additional health care costs for patients. They also lead to long term disability and increased resistance of micro organisms to antimicrobials.

Simply put failure to invest properly and responsibly in proper infection control protocols is at best a false economy notwithstanding the obvious human suffering and life defining consequences.

Crebisol has been specifically engineered to address current threats in infection control through a unique combination of features:
​As a Cleaner Disinfectant Sanitizer and Protector in one single application, it replaces multiple individual products such as toilet cleaner, cream cleaner, hard surface cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer with a single, superior All–In-1 Product allowing considerable cost savings.It is also suitable for all surfaces – hard and soft and in food preparation areas.

Independently certified by internationally recognised Laboratories to surpass EN Tests to kill MRSA, Norovirus & C-Diff

Developed using latest innovative chemical engineering practices to produce a non- bleach non- hydrogen peroxide based product

Patient friendly

Active Biofilm Technology which continues to protect surfaces for up to 72 Hours after application When DRY

Different working environments present different risks and threats from an infection control perspective. In general large densely populated buildings present a greater risk than lesser populated facilities.

Particular professions such as medicine, veterinary, policing, ambulance, prisons and farming and have specific infection control risks associated with those occupations. Differing industries such as food, pharmaceutical and I.T. also have different infection control requirements.

Crebisol has the capability to address a very broad spectrum of infection threats across multiple environments given the potency of it’s disinfectant properties combined with its unique cleaning efficacy.

Cost Negative – the deployment of Crebisol allows for the replacement of multiple individual products by replacing toilet cleaner, cream cleaner, hard surface cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer with 1 Superior All–In-1 Product

Suitable for all hard surfaces and soft furnishings

Crebisol is non- toxic, environmentally friendly, bio-degradeable, does not contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide and is non- caustic & non-corrosive

Active Biofilm Technology which continues to protect surfaces for up to 72 Hours after application When DRY

The Hospitality Sector presents the broadest challenges in infection control given the multiple environments catered for from hotels to cruise ships, spas to conference centres, cafes to theme parks and requires a holistic approach to cleaning and decontaminating such a diverse range of environments.

Cleaning is of critical importance to the reputation of your company and first impressions are criticalfor repeat business. It is simply not sufficient or adequate to rely on a basic standard of cleanliness – the customer will know, and a poor reputation will be cemented in their mind.

Crebisol’s unique ability to clean and disinfectant in one single action together with it’s capacity to comprehensively address multiple surfaces in multiple environments provides a unique cleaning/disinfection platform for such locations

Suitable for use in food preparation areas

Cleans and Disinfects in one single application

Suitable for use on all hard surfaces, soft furnishings, stainless steel, glass, tiles, ceramics and wood while also non-corrosive and biodegradable

Facilitates replacement of multiple individual products such as toilet cleaner, cream cleaner, hard surface cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer with a single, superior All–In-1 Product allowing considerable cost savings.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system responders deliver medical care in many unique and often dangerous environments. They render care to increasingly mobile populations who potentially have a higher likelihood of having an infectious or emerging disease. In addition to treating accident victims of every nature (vehicular, falls, cuts, burns, and more), they treat the homeless, nursing home patients, trauma victims, and the critically ill with multiple diseases and infections. They have unique concerns such as suspect searches, communal living arrangements, and the need to clean and disinfect their work equipment. Like many other healthcare professionals, they face ever-increasing exposures to infectious diseases. EMS system responders are exposed to all manners of infectious diseases and must be trained to recognize them and prevent their spread. This group encompasses all paid and volunteer paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) on ambulances, first responders, fire paramedics and firefighter EMTs, police, prison service, and public safety officers.

Crebisol is particularly suited to combat infection threats faced on a daily basis by emergency and prison services. Given the nature of the clients dealt with by these professions a combined cleaner/disinfectant/sanitizer is ideal for the working conditions experienced in these employment areas. The active biofilm left after Crebisol is applied continues to tackle live infections for up to 72 Hours when dry. However for optimal protection and bioactivity we recommend a 12 hour cleaning interval.

Crebisol is suitable for cleaning/disinfecting /sanitizing bodily fluid and blood spills. It has the capacity to address and kill H.I.V., Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Herpes, MRSA, C-Diff, Norovirus and a host of other infections of particular concern to emergency services.

As a combined cleaner disinfectant it is particularly suitable for application in emergency vehicles, holding cells, detention centres and any facility where sick or infected persons are treated or transported.

The deployment of Crebisol in ambulances and other vehicles used to transport infected persons is a cost efficient method of ensuring those vehicles are disinfected to a very high standard on a regular basis.

Suitable for Emergency Vehicles – Combined Cleaner/Disinfectant/Sanitizer, non-bleach – Non hydrogen peroxide based, Non-Corrosive Non–Caustic

Reduces the necessity of deep cleaning of emergency vehicles - keeping them on the road longer

Safe to use in confined spaces – no respiratory/fume factor

Independently certified by internationally recognised Laboratories to surpass EN Tests to kill MRSA, Norovirus & C-Diff

Today’s intensive livestock production has led to remarkable increases in farm productivity. To maintain these high levels, it is essential for the farmer to implement good animal husbandry and effective control of environmental conditions. Disease outbreaks among farm animals can cause significant economic damage but can be significantly limited through preventative and control measures.

Appropriate Biosecurity Procedures, such as cleaning and disinfecting premises and vehicles are essential best practices.

Implementation of Good Farming Practices (GFP), including HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) systems, will protect livestock and consumers from disease and other hazards.

Biosecurity is an integral part of GFP, and needs to be based on sound preventative measures for maximum security and therefore, profitability.

The implementation of effective cleaning and disinfection into these programmes is essential for animal welfare and critical for optimal return on investment.

Crebisol by cleaning and controlling infection in the growing environment enhances growth gain efficiency while also having efficacy against Bird flu, BVD, Clostridial disease (e.g., Blackleg), Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Brucellosis, Campylobacter, Chlamydia Psittaci, Q Fever, E.Coli, Orf Virus, Tuberculosis and other animal based infections. It significantly reduces the sources of infection. It is a new generation wide-spectrum disinfectant/cleaner validated to be effective against viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria, spores and fungi by independent laboratories.

Our Product is Department of Agriculture approved, our PCS Number is 98496

Multiple Environments Stables, Trailers, Cow Sheds, Poultry Housing, Sheep Pens, Animal Feeders

Protects by drying into Active Biocidal Film which continues to kill Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Spores for up to 72 hours after application

Animal Friendly & Safe & Biodegradable

Cleans & Disinfects in one single application and is non- bleach & non- hydrogen peroxide & non-caustic & non-corrosive

Featured Case Study

Residential Nursing Home

Our client required a reliable cleaning solution which could be depolyed throughout their large network of residential care homes.

72 Hour

Crebisol remains active for 72 hours after application providing a biofilm when dry.

Kills & Protects

Certified to kill MRSA, Superbug, Norovirus and more. Crebisol boasts a Kill Rate of 99.999999%

Clinically Tested

Crebisol is clinically tested to meet EN13704:2002 requirements for C-Diff and EN14476:2007 for Norovirus

Eco Friendly

Crebisol is completely biodegradable and safely breaks down.

Dispensing Cabinet

Dispensing & Dilution

A system for the professional...

Crebisol can be supplied in a concentrated form dispensed on site, through our dispensing/dilution system. This ensures the product is diluted to the correct concentration at all times and ensures infection control protocols are observed by cleaning staff.

Creative Biocidal Solutions will install a Blend Centre chemical water solution dispensing/dilution system. On a permanent loan basis. This system is engineered to dilute concentrated Crebisol utilizing simple but versatile controls, and ASSE Standard 1055 type 3 approved backflow prevention device to dispense diluted Crebisol. The dispensing/ dilution unit is designed to ensure accurate, economic, secure and efficient dispensing and dilution of the product on site with minimal room for cleaning staff error.

Our Blend Centre controls the correct dilution/dispensing rate of Crebisol to either hand held trigger spray bottles or into cleaning buckets through 2 specific regulated filling heads.

​Alternatively we can supply Crebisol in 5 Litre pelican pump units, which are more suitable for smaller sites, or where water pressure, space or portability is an issue. The pelican pump unit dispenses the correct amount of concentrate for 750ml of diluted product each time the pump is depressed.

Our holistic system prevents the indiscriminate, costly and often inappropriate over use of biocides in situations where they are unnecessary.

Our pricing is also highly competitive and is designed to replace multiple cleaning and disinfectant products with a single superior product.

Crebisol Cleaning Tasks

One Product. Many Uses.

The unique blend of chemicals used in Crebisol underpinning its exceptional cleaning properties enables it to cope with a large number of cleaning tasks superbly well. Our formulation enables it to be both an effective cleaner and effective disinfectant across a broad range of environments and industries ranging from Hospitals to Nursing Homes, Dental Surgeries, Health Clubs, Airports, Food Preparation and Storage, Catering, Schools & Colleges, Prisons, Sports Facilities, Veterinary Practices, Railway and Bus Vehicles and Stations and a host of other facilities where people gather.

Suitable for all types of hard surface flooring, walls, paintwork, door handles, table tops, kitchen equipment, light fittings, aluminium, windows, stainless steel & upholstery.

 Precautions for use of concentrated product:

Keep out of reach from children

Wash hands after handling

Eye Splash: rinse eyes cautiously with water

 Precautions for use of diluted product:

Keep out of reach from children

Eye splash: rinse eyes for several minutes

Wear suitable gloves

Ingestion: there may be irritation to the throat

Inhalation: No symptoms