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Crebisol is a unique to market multipurpose multiple environment cleaner disinfectant and has achieved significant independent certification to date which include a Log 8 kill rate for MRSA in 30 seconds which is effective for up to 72 hours in an active biofilm when dry. However for optimal protectionand bioactivitywe recommend a 12hour cleaning interval.

Moreover, the product also has been clinically tested to meet EN13704:2002 requirements for C-Diff and to EN14476:2007 requirements for Norovirus (Vomiting Bug).

Please see our Certs/MSDS section below.

72 Hour

Crebisol remains active for 72 hours after application providing a biofilm when dry.

Kills & Protects

Certified to kill MRSA, Superbug, Norovirus and more. Crebisol boasts a Kill Rate of 99.999999%

Clinically Tested

Crebisol is clinically tested to meet EN13704:2002 requirements for C-Diff and EN14476:2007 for Norovirus

Eco Friendly

Crebisol is completely biodegradable and safely breaks down.

Crebisol Solution

How it works

The biocidal activity of Crebisol works by the active compound bonding to the protein wall of the membrane of the virus or bacteria, breaking it down, and forming a biocidal monolayer. Crebisol penetrates the cell structure, destroying the organism, rendering it in-active.

The biocidal activity remains active when dry in an active Biofilm for up to 72 Hours. However for optimal protection and bioactivity we recommend a 12 hour cleaning interval.

Certification Downloads

Blutest MRSA

Certificate of analysis for MRSA by Blutest

Abbott Test C-Diff

Certificate of analysis by Abbott Analytical

Abbot Test NDM-1

Certificate of analysis for super-bug NDM-1 by Abbott Analytical

Blutest Norovirus

Certificate of analysis for Norovirus by Blutest

Crebisol X10 (Concentrate)

Crebisol Safety Data Sheet

Crebisol X10 (Dilute)

Crebisol Safety Data Sheet

COSSH Assessment

COSSH Assessment

Method Statement

Crebisol Method Statement

Airline Approvals

Aircraft Certifications

Meet Our Team

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Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly


With over 25 years experience as managing director of Ampion Limited, Sean joined Crebisol in 2017 and has implemented a strong strategy for steady growth.

Andrew Fitzgerald

Andrew Fitzgerald

Business Development USA

Andrew holds a BSc in Business Marketing and Management from Regis University Colorado. He has over 20 years of experience in the building products and coatings industries developing domestic and international markets for both commercial and retail trades.

Simon Poland

Simon Poland

Business Development UK

Simon joined Ampion Limited as Sales Co-ordinator in November 2014 and was promoted to Business Development Manager in April 2016 covering all of the UK and Ireland.